Posted by: duranx4 | January 13, 2011

REAL housewives????

Although I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this, I have become obsessed with Reality TV! I waste away countless hours of my life peeping in on the lives of others. I sit and stare at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and even New York” as they publicize their totally UNREALISTIC lives on television for all the world to see. I listen to “normal” families air their dirty laundry on talk shows as they betray their “so-called” loved ones with scandalous secrets that they feel the need to reveal on national television. I watch hoarders destroy their lives, families, and homes. I see desperate bachelors and bachelorettes searching for love. I listen to young hopefuls sing their hearts out  in an effort to become the next king/queen of pop! I watch all of these strangers live their lives out on television while mine slips away! And for what?? Am I envious of what these people have?!
NO!! I am not jealous of the luxurious lives that these women and men pretend to have! Because in REALITY, they have nothing but materialistic STUFF that, in the end, will lead to no substance of happiness!! I am a REAL housewife; and while I may have some REAL issues to deal with, I also have REAL happiness! I have been blessed with a REAL family that I love unconditionally, and who love me in return. I don’t shove my children to the side for nannies to raise while I flaunt myself around town. And though being a REAL parent may not always be glamorous; the hugs, kisses, smiles, giggles, and love that I get on a daily basis are priceless! I have found a REAL love in a REAL man who stands by me and appreciates me for all of the things that I am, and even the things that I’m not.  While we have our moments of stress, we always work through them because that’s how REAL marriages work.
So, why do I enjoy eavesdropping in on the lives of  these reality celebrities; it’s simple….it makes me more appreciative of everything and everyone that surrounds me in my REAL life. After watching these people live out their superficial lives, with their fake and inflated body parts, and listening to their petty cat fights with each other; I feel sad for them as their families fall apart- with marriages that end in divorce and houses that end in foreclosures, for all the world to see. I realize that I am truly blessed to be a REAL housewife!
Too bad these shows are so darn entertaining:-)

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