Posted by: duranx4 | January 20, 2011

Pieces of Wholes

Line 652,457, Section C, Part 14 of A Mother’s Job Description:

A mother should be PREPARED for the UNEXPECTED at ALL times!

How miserably I have failed to meet that requirement, time and time again!!! I like to think of myself as an organized stacker! I have pieces of wholes packaged together in neat little stacks that are placed in just-the-right spots throughout my house.  I am partially prepared for NOTHING!

I have collected a sea of pencils that have taken over the junk drawer in my kitchen, yet can’t manage to uncover a pencil sharpener to save my life.

I have SOME of the ingredients for a dozen recipes, yet can’t combine any of them to make ONE decent meal.

I have just enough shampoo to give my hair a good wash, yet not an ounce of conditioner to comb out all the tangles.

I have a box of assorted band aids, yet only tiny ones-too small to cover any boo-boo in my house- remain.

I have washing detergent, but only enough to wash a portion of the clothes that I have stuffed into the washing machine.

I have freshly brewed coffee but only one teaspoon of sugar- I need two!

I have “AAA” batteries, yet every toy in my house requires “AA”.

I have peanut butter, but NO jelly.

I seem to live in a constant state of organized chaos…..forever seeking to complete the pieces of wholes!



  1. I am right there with you girl! I never seem to have it all together…especially my house

  2. If you have never made pancakes and realized that you didn’t have syrup, you are a far better mom than I have been or ever will be. Great post – I think you could form a club, of which I’d be happy to be a member.

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and posting it on yours.


    Amiable Amiable

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